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Pursuit of greatness series
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Entrepreneurship is sexy, easy, and complete freedom. Wrong! It’s all about turning an idea into an opportunity, identifying and securing great team players, and attracting the resources to make it happen. That takes a lot of smart and hard work. It also takes branding, measurement, and financial management. Your journey should include trusted advisors. 


Plus, it’s a lot more fun to celebrate the wins with a team. My consulting goal is to help you better outline your idea, identify untapped resources, and help you rethink your relationships so that they work with and for you. My Entrepreneurship Coaching strategy is designed to give you the kick start to go to the next level. Why? We all need motivation to achieve greatness. Your next is waiting for you.

serving as a guest instructor, We now have 270,000+ learners from across the world!
Positive psychology

Becoming a Leader: through Entrepreneurship or Intrapreneurship


Webinar Details

During this event we:

  • Provided an overview of what an entrepreneur and intrapreneur are

  • Listened to our panelists discuss a wide range of topics, such as:

    1. Their own personal experiences during COVID

    2. Why and How they choose to  start their own companies

    3. The steps they took to navigate throughout the tech industry

Anchor 1

Race & Racism

Leaders must respond to the disease of Racism. It is a virus that has spread in every structure and institution, and it must be eradicated. How one understands how race and racism were birthed and currently operates will dictate the response and action. Race is a constructed term that has divided people in our society since the founding of the colonies and the United States. For far too long conversations have dismissed the important historical economic, legal, and religious policies that have created poor outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

My goal is to address the "elephant in the room" by providing instruction and counsel to organizations through critical analysis, research, engaging exercises, and strategic ideation that produce healing and understanding. If you want better organizational results...if you want to learn what they didn't teach you in school...if you want real talk and less fluff....if you are ready to move beyond diversity training, cultural competence, and implicit bias to gain improved team dynamics, better decision-making, and collaborative workgroups, please contact me for a free consultation. I don't market my services. I am informed by leading scholars and activists, my own scholarship and study, institutional and community organizing, and a deep faith of love and service. I remain ever hopeful that we can do and be better. 


I am blessed to help clients across the USA through word-of-mouth introductions and referrals. Clients range from individuals, corporations, educational institutions, governmental agencies, non-profits, and sports organizations. (Note: Customized youth programming is available.)

​Services include keynote presentations, workshops, strategic and tactical planning, organizational audits, facilitation, and communications strategy.

Coming soon: Race Realities in Costa Rica in 2024! Healing must be a part of the process, so I am working to develop a special opportunity for leaders and organizers to learn and share together in this beautiful country. Interested? Please contact me now. 

What do I read to inform my work? Consider this book list.

Our Partners:

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Seeking sport-related events, analytics instruction, and sport business education?


Please visit the Center of Sport Business and Analytics website.


strategic & purposeful atletics & race colloquy (sparc)

This racial equity workshop is designed to open communication and develop strategy for athletes, sport teams, administrators, and staff determined to understand and heal from structural racism. Sessions are customized for high school, college, and professional teams. SPARC goes beyond the standard diversity training. If you are ready to go to the next level of analysis, SPARC is for you. Participants learn how race and racism influence sport outcomes (e.g., economics, performance, decision-making, and team dynamics), which often creates tension between athletes, company associates, family members, academics, teammates, staff, coaches, and administrators.


What are the solutions? Let’s start with dialogue.

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Life After Sports With effective Results (Laser)

As an academic, athlete, entrepreneur, and business professional, I have lived and learned leadership. My doctoral studies focused on Leadership and Organizational Behavior. My background in the sport industry as a NCAA DI athlete and coach, financial services (with two Fortune 100 companies) as a director and sales representative, and now as a professor to many of the best and brightest students allows me to say with confidence: I can and am willing to help you. With over 80 different leadership theories and models, many people struggle to identify the best method, technique, and application to achieve day-to-day success.

My consulting goal is to help you better understand your leadership style and the process and capability to effect change in your life. I specifically coach to assist athletes as they further their education, become a successful entrepreneur or employee. My strategy is purposed to inspire you to take the confidence from the field or court and apply them to your next chapter.

speaking engagements

33+ years of public speaking experience

  • National and local television and radio experience

  • Non-Profit, Corporate and Small Business audiences ranging from 1 to 1500

  • Keynote or Workshop Engagements (Large scale or intimate settings)

  • Audience: From new or seasoned employees...senior executives to youth

  • Interests: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Race and Racism, and Sport Business

  • Customization designed for your specific objectives

Sample Titles and Themes:

  • A Curve Ball for All Ages: Racism and the Power of Sport

  • Energy + Innovation: The High-Octane Fuel of Entrepreneurship

  • Hate vs. Healing: Considerations for Matters of Race and Power

  • Leadership: The Power of Difference

  • Money Over Morals: The Peculiar Economy of the Sport Enterprise

  • N.E.S.S. (Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, and Spirituality): The Keys to Healthy Living

  • Passion, Positivity, and Purpose

  • Plantation or Platform? The Black Male Student-Athlete's Plight in Higher Education

  • The Scholar-Activist Toolkit: Leadership Strategies for Survival and Success in the Academy

Thank you for considering me as your speaker. Referrals are my best form of payment.

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