"Hello Dr. Stroman,

I first and foremost want to thank you for all the support and love you have given me and my fraternity. It has been a blessing these last few years to be able to travel the country doing what I love to do, all the while having such a strong support network waiting for me back at home. And for that, I thank you!"

"Hi Debby,

Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday, the information is relevant not only to the work they are doing for the course but also for the rest of their lives! Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise, we appreciate it. Hope you have a great week!"

"Dr. Stroman,

It's just a small token to show you how much I appreciate you being in my life. When I got to UNC, I was terrified. I would just get lost in the crowd but you have made sure that I will never feel that way and for that, I am truly grateful. Thank you so much again!"

"I can't express how much I really appreciate you. Thanks so much for your time this afternoon. Surprisingly I feel better just from having stopped by and seeing your face."
"I am so thankful for everything you did for me this year (e.g. teaching, mentoring, giving a good word about me for the internship, teaching me about sponsorship, and of course giving me great advise). It meant so much to me to be able to make such a great bond with a wonderful professor. I look forward to staying connected in the future!"
"Anyway, I just wanted to update you on how things were going on this end, and to thank you for your guidance and help last summer. I absolutely loved your class, it was one of my favorite at Carolina. You did an amazing job of preparing us for the real world of sports marketing. It's not all glitz and glammer, there are some business aspects to the industry that are necessary evils. Again thanks, and I hope you are doing well!"
"I wanted to truly thank you for helping me accomplish this goal. I greatly appreciate you writing a letter of recommendation for me and I have no doubt that it was extremely beneficial to my application. I also would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with me multiple times this year about my options for next year and helping me make my decision. I am very grateful to have had a professor as outgoing as you and I can't thank you enough."
"You are doing a great job, energetic, innovative and imaginative. Thanks for all your hard work, its shows!  :-) "
Who was your favorite MBA professor? Professor Deborah Stroman was my favorite professor. I have taken two of her classes: The Business and Economics of Sports and Race, Power and Influence in Organizations. Professor Stroman is a brilliant, kind, and dedicated individual who is a fiercely loyal advocate for her students. Not only is she a terrific teacher, but she encourages her students to maintain open minds while following suit herself.
"I was wondering what made my short experience so much more life-changing than the experiences that others had, and I think I figured it out. You taught us that this class was more than experiencing Dublin and Cologne and learning about global sport. You taught us to be global leaders - to understand these cultures and leverage these insights to inspire performance.  I'm more open-minded, and when forming opinions, one of the main factors I consider now is how others around the world are affected. Thank you for making me a better team plauer. a  more curious student, and a stronger leader." 
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