"No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you."

—Althea Gibson

Stroman Athletic & Asset Management LLC


Center of Sport Business and Analytics - "Look Beyond the Score"


  • Mission: Connect with and advocate for people and organizations creating equity, impact, and value in the sport industry.

  • Opportunities include education (analytics instruction and career services) and engagement (Basketball Analytics Summit, Project Touchdown!, and No Shortcuts: A Town Hall on Positive Mental Health & Behavior Tools for Athletic Success 



Strategic and Purposeful Athletics & Race Colloquy (SPARC)


This racial equity workshop is designed to open communication and develop strategy for athletic teams, administrators, and staff determined to understand and heal from structural racism. SPARC goes beyond the standard diversity training. Sessions are customized for high school, college, and professional teams. Participants learn how race and racism influence sport outcomes (e.g., economics, performance, decision-making, and team dynamics), which often creates tension between athletes, company associates, family members, academics, teammates, staff, coaches, and administrators. What are the solutions? Let’s start with dialogue.

What I do
  • Listen Well

  • Evaluate

  • Provide Feedback


My Sport Business strategy is purposed to inspire you to think and take action about particular challenges you face in your (or your company) sporting life. Are you concerned with motivating yourself? Others? Moving through and beyond a contentious matter within your organization? Are you looking to transition from the sport world. 

If it is about sport, I am all about it. Let’s chat.

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